Are bots allowed to give a discount?

Intelligent Robot Chat involving a game, is a unique kind of service. The Cleverbot Chat can create a dynamic and playful atmosphere, were new promotions, gifts, and discounts are being offered.

It possible to design an intelligent robot chat that would be authorized to reduce prices during a sale?

There are varied views regarding the area in question. Those who believe it is not possible, say that the purpose of a discount can only be fulfilled by a human seller, who can get the feel of the client they are dealing with. Sales professionals know to what extent they can change the price, as well as the right timing for it. Being a sales professional has a lot to do with public relations and handling of customers personally, while listening and sensing their needs. As opposed to the salesman, an online chatbot, being just a mere computer, is only able to give a discount that is predetermined, which defeats the point. Since every customer differs in nature and personality, thus it is virtually impossible for a robot to become accustomed to every different customer let alone give them discounts based on the feelings he gets from them.

Technology today

Technological advancements have touched new heights, but bots nowadays, even the most advanced technologically, are not qualified to conduct a real negotiation of any kind. We are as remote from this level of technology as we are from world peace. But who says that a discount should be negotiated? There are other options, and some can be incorporated in a cleverbot chat. The way to create an advanced sales bot is not to try unsuccessfully to imitate a human, but rather provide the bot with a new and unique attribute, that will provide a different kind of high standard service. Here is a possible example.

Cleverbot chat – A different kind of service

When one calls a costumer service advisor, he or she does not expect the advisor to behave like a game show host, and offer him prizes. The bot however, can take on this task, so that we can integrate gamification into the sale process.

The cleverbot chat can create a dynamic and playful atmosphere. Those who will chat with the bot will sense that “things are happening” all the time; often a new promotion  is being displayed, and at any given moment they might receive a gift, a discount or a coupon. Sales will randomly appear and by create an element of surprise. The users will feel they are playing a fun game that will put a smile on their faces.


A new and curious attitude

Having a game oriented environment might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Quite often individuals find it to be a waste of time and prefer a serious conversation with a human representative, so that they can discuss their matter properly and have substantial answers. However, a bot can still be incorporated in the scenario. If we brand the cleverbot chat as an additional service for customers who are looking for a unique experience of shopping, many will be interested and most likely enjoy this new service.

Businesses always need new ideas to stay on top of their game and introducing an intelligent robot chat for public relation purposes is a unique feature.  Thus, we now specified a basic idea for a bot that can manage a sales process, and offer discounts to costumers. This idea in its essence is not revolutionary, as it was inspired by well-known sales techniques, but it is particularly effective for the use of intelligent robot chat.

Why aren’t there any cleverbot chats like this nowadays? Perhaps since most of the bots’ companies employ only IT experts, entrepreneurs and administrators, who are most likely skilled in their field, but none of them has the knowledge and expertise as to the construction of games, or knows how to create or manage cool interactions with the users.

This kind of intelligent robot chat can also be used as a marketing tool, however – this topic will be discussed in a different article.

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